about freshly pressed

freshly pressed was conceived as a hands-on, artistic, and scientific venture to explore the many facets where the plant and design worlds collide. With each exploration, I become more convinced of the interconnectedness between science and art and how each inspires the other.

The freshly pressed herbarium is my current personal undertaking into this concept. Fascinated by the diversity of plant life I encountered on my routine daily walks with my husband and dogs, I was encouraged to preserve and document the wonderful variety I was finding. Working intimately with this growing collection of pressed specimens, I came to realize the unique beauty in each plant, and what began as a scientific exploration quickly became an artistic endeavor. The diverse forms, colors, and textures are a spectacle to the eye and humbling for the mind.

The freshly pressed blog is my way of connecting with others and hopefully inspiring them to further explore the melding of art and nature. I am fascinated by botanical history- how we as humans have applied meaning and value to different plant species as a way to connect to our surroundings and how we can tap into this history as a motivation to preserve and protect our biodiversity nowadays. I believe that designers and scientists can both benefit from exploring across fields; my blog brings various projects and musings to press to motivate both professions (as well as those of us who fall in the middle) to approach their work with a fresh perspective and renewed sense of wonder.


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