photo credit:  Adrian Rosu Photography

The open meadows of Switzerland- their abundant wildflowers and lush greens- are, not surprisingly, what inspired me to start freshly pressed. Moving to Switzerland in 2010 rekindled my admiration for the beauty and complexity of the natural world, which I first discovered as a child by wandering the woodlands and prairies of my native Minnesota. As an adult, I pursued degrees in biology, fine arts, and environmental studies before entering the profession of landscape architecture. While fortunate to have a career that melds my interests in both the design and natural world, the minutiae of the meadows have become my meditation – a break from the bustle of daily life and a return back to the wonder that inspired me from such a young age.

In 2019 I brought the freshly pressed project back with me to Minnesota, where I continue to collect, press, and add to my herbarium collection. It has been an adventure in rediscovering the species from my childhood, which I now view with a new appreciation.

- Lindsay Buck