limited edition walnut plant press

limited edition walnut plant press


This limited edition, handmade plant press is modeled after the press I currently use to create my own herbarium specimens. It features a walnut veneer finish, with the freshly pressed monogram stamped on the front within a decorative inlay.

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Size: 25 x 34 cm (9.84 x 13.38 inches), expands up to 10 cm (3.9 inches) total thickness

Material: 15mm thick birch plywood with walnut veneer (top and bottom boards). Includes (6) A4 sheets of 5mm thick balsa wood as specimen dividers. Bolts, washers, and wingnuts are made of nickel-plated steel.

This heavy-duty plant press features (6) fully-threaded bolts with wingnuts, allowing you to fine-tune the amount of pressure applied to the plants no matter how full the press is. The bolts are located to ensure the pressure is evenly applied throughout the plant layers. Balsa wood dividers protect specimens from imprinting on one another during the pressing process; the press can hold up to (15) balsa dividers, depending on the thickness of plants being pressed. The walnut veneer is book matched on the front and back faces of the top and bottom boards, and an inlay design in walnut is stamped with the freshly pressed monogram in the signature green ink.

Ships worldwide from the U.S.; will arrive in a flat parcel and minor assembly will be required. Ships worldwide from the U.S.; will arrive in a padded A5 sized envelope. Shipments within the US will arrive 1-3 days after order; allow 7-21 days after order for arrivals to Europe and the rest of the world. Quotes for expedited shipping are available upon request.If you prefer not to pay the shipping as listed, check out our Downloadable Plant Press Instructions instead. 

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