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under the lens - Quercus robur

Growing up on the sandplains of the upper-midwestern USA, the oak tree has always held a special place in my memory. Their towering presence and the way their branches teemed with wildlife was engrossing for me, and to this day they remain my favorite type of tree. Quercus robur is one of (2) oak tree species native to central Europe, and I am fortunate enough to come across them on my regular woodland strolls.

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under the lens - Filipendula ulmaria

Often discovered by scent before sight, meadowsweet fills the edges between the meadows and streams, lending the mid-summer air their honey-sweet, namesake fragrance. I most often stumble across their tall, dense stands on warm evenings when their scent is strongest, and when their creamy, cloud-like flowers glow against the darkening sky.

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