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under the lens - Allium ursinum

One of the first plants to emerge in the understories of the deciduous forests of Europe, it creates an early spring carpet of dense green foliage. With that fresh green color and an unmistakable crisp fragrance- somewhere between garlic and chives- it truly awakes the senses after the long sleepy winter.

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under the lens - Solidago virgaurea

A harbinger of the changing seasons, goldenrod blooms from later summer into autumn, and tends to be one of the last splashes of color before the winter begins. The goldenrods are often vilified; some species can become invasive outside of their natural range, and they have also been falsely accused of causing hay fever (though this is now known to be caused be Ragweed / Ambrosia spp, a wind-pollinated annual that blooms at the same time). In actuality, the goldenrod is an incredibly useful and beneficial plant whose sticky pollen is carried by insects instead of by the breeze.

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under the lens - Quercus robur

Growing up on the sandplains of the upper-midwestern USA, the oak tree has always held a special place in my memory. Their towering presence and the way their branches teemed with wildlife was engrossing for me, and to this day they remain my favorite type of tree. Quercus robur is one of (2) oak tree species native to central Europe, and I am fortunate enough to come across them on my regular woodland strolls.

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