Woodland postcard set

Woodland postcard set


The freshly pressed ‘Woodland’ postcard series is a curated selection of woodland plants and wildflowers from my herbarium collection, which exemplify the species found in the nearby beechwood forest.

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Size: A6 (10.5 x 14.8 cm; 4.1 x 5.8 inches), 10 portrait-orientated species postcards, 1 landscape-oriented key card; 11 postcards total.

Material: Double-sided matte photo paper, 305 g/m2 weight

Features high-resolution photographs of pressed herbarium specimens. All herbarium specimens are collected in the wild and hand pressed, mounted, identified, and photographed by myself personally. The 'Woodland' postcard set includes a postcard featuring each of the following plant species:

  • Anemone nemorosa / Wood Anemone

  • Cardamine kitaibelii / Kitaibell’s Bittercress

  • Corydalis cava / Hollow Root

  • Cystopteris fragilis / Brittle Bladder Fern

  • Galium odoratum / Sweet Woodruff

  • Oxalis acetosella / Wood Sorrel

  • Phyteuma spicata / Spiked Rampion

  • Primula elatior / Oxlip

  • Siline dioica / Red Campion

  • Viola riviana / Common Dog Violet

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